Wednesday, January 14, 2015

dark of the Nibelungen, only worse

turkish headdress up there
as gamoots or other eunuch frollies
in a park at mid or after
threatened with large-ish stones
all our trinkets were lost
though this may anyway

have been a dream
a wild man or two
you know how it goes
the sprinkle the dark the blue-black

wine that reeks so
of the Prophet's blood and ichor
though surely
illness/in a bag one/has heard

such things as wild cries
but they cannot suffice
not now in the vapour[]
where all is true

such stark elevations
says Speer
what majesty and fire
with his silk, with his oil

I don't trust him for a moment

you know what they say now?
what's the difference between the Turks and the Jews?

The Turks have got it all to come...

blue-eyed kohl bring it back
bring it back
bring us all
to Charlie



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