Sunday, January 25, 2015

table-rappin' with the air-pope an' the new dead king—a séance riff

I believe strongly in the rights of women
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
hairway to Steven—The Butthole Surfers

every reader like-it-or-not
the auteur—earlier this month
an air strike not only but also
we are told it's not clear
/a missile/the country/has/no new cases
[reported but Pope Francis

is flying Pope Francis] the popefantastic
king of droppingbirds today we are
flying Air Francis

he make his way
wear a cheap plistic outercoat
stucks to a hardline

[by the water of the new life
where does the slapback echo live?]

—this-of-course about how many children
he would (& have (& in Brussels)
(& scientists in Britain)

what about eye colour
the sperm and egg fusing
in mice?

in the Vatican in Riyadh
the Haj and heading, the course to steer
Osama and the hole in the sky the skid

the starboard and steerboard and stern 

oh so sorra, Mimi...

starving prisoners the royal daughters
and Friday floggings O Bluebeard but
it is surely Scheherezade and Hassan i Sabbah

(//Indonesia [executed[ six people\\)

a man who made trouble and doubted, an evildoer

"the presence of our target army"

Oh goddamn she cries these people
who care so much

don't you see?
don't you see?

(even as we peak)
(evil as we squeak)


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