Tuesday, March 29, 2011

in and out of inner rooms

the man walks in the house I don't mean into he doesn't crash he is already in and walking in the woman looks out of the window then she walks out he walks out too then she walks back in see above this is a strange thing the woman and the man walk in and out the day curves like this the man and the woman stand in the garden walking in and out always to nowhere both of them staring at the ground who knows what they think down there? their thoughts like worms shovelling away such soil and grit oh in and out they go one of them saying after much of this stay in this time what if we stay in this time? but yes she says we could fuck all night and broil each other like slow-cooked lamb yes of course he says but afterwards there must be a certain look for both of us must know wonders but I am yours she says giving herself like a wasp in an old shoe he loves her for this and beginneth to respond she reaches for him and again the entire day walks in and out what fury furnished most of this .

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