Saturday, March 19, 2011

the end of that world

me and you looking at chimpanzees grimacing a little examining lizards fuck looking at each other, wondering the sun coming up agreeing with all strangeness kind of loving everything wanting weetabix but not really reading books after sex to each other both leaning out the window to see the meteors fighting a bit for space laughing naked making love till half an hour ago this carrot I say all of a sudden yeah what you say what you gonna do with that? oh nothing I say just throw it far away till it lands in some place without ripples all dark there all fixed there no let's forget it just what could have been all those little frogs sound like engines full of sex all of them dying in drying wheel-ruts that the rain filled briefly goodbye to all that this is the end of that world that world of sound and light goodnight goodnight goodnight it's always the same people who don't turn up .

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