Monday, March 28, 2011

taught by elves

you are seven years old and you often cry still
you wear yellow pyjamas
your brother hugs you and takes off your shoes
he is mischievous and has that smile
today the sun

caught you like that
you sort of love everything
but you are still scared
one day we were in a barn
looking for rats
and the next we were in the sky
something happened
before I knew it you liked tomato juice
(what children ever like tomato juice?)

and trains
when we went through tunnels
we closed our eyes

you weren't sure yet
about adulthood
you still wanted to be a boy
I wanted that for you too

your brother shrieked as we came out
of the tunnel
wake up wake up he cried
and now we are pulling up
at Ingrow East

and I want to reach out and stroke your face
just because of nothing
just because of tunnels
and waking up


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