Saturday, April 02, 2011

where you don't live on the parrot axis - riff

At any rate I can safely say that there is not a petticoat in the whole history—H Rider Haggard Wow you've got a very clean inbox!—Windows Live there is one of those horrible birds there too she laughs you should have seen his trunks in a little cage a little golden chain outside a van goes by pulling down washing lines she runs out the door the poor dear all fuel runs out we ran out didn't we that's my washing yes but something will work here the night anyway in the corner thought you said a sandwich like we were friends yeah she says the van fuck that how could I see it? this isn't even a public road where does it say that? listen lady I got a job this ISN'T PUBLIC no no what you saying? I'll get back in no sandwich then that's fine call the police then YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED UP HERE by now a crowd the gay guy next door offers tea heated the builder disgusted backs off no no have some tea who wants to be eaten by mobs of hippies he thinks but can't be bothered and is not Gay thanks mate everyone does this you bastard I am not everyone the other builder on the side of the building pulled off by the washing line aaaaaaargh now that oh look yes a sandwich now you had better shut up they'll be here soon it was his fault for not looking out of the houses that smell the ghosts fall down the little steps to the outside toilets everything suddenly tumbledown and weed reeking out okay what happened well she yelled he tore down my dreams but she ripped out my heart what was that number again is there a solution to this without me arresting everyone yes but one only we will have a huge fire and kill the bird a sacri-thing a sacrifish late that night nuzzling him oh baby no one would yeah you too such parrots or whatever caller please repeat I did it on purpose you know in my eyes the sun the moment was too mushed that tight wire yes she says that dead man walking teetering he says tittering teetering yes arf arf squeezing an eye then the sirens the seirens aye tight as you like what fools we are playing accordions all day care to? you mean like the last parrot ever? yes a black steak till it bursts who are they that live above? oh no one too many players like onions like no one lives there with the candles no I thought no one this is the problem with these places no one told me to come here up this track are you serious track what this is no track no he says I didn't mean it not this track that other under the washing line just below where you live beneath the black steak with your many dead cousins [don't do that to me] who wake in the autumn rains and go digging in the woods for glowmice and red elf-truffles of iron coming home always empty-handed answer it for god's sake forlorn in need of sleep only five left in the world—you too I think are troubled try this then like that and I will not but this is a particular parrot disturb you where you lie if that didn't work try this though you say you... kakapo they call it so they do you mean like the black robin yes holy mother all that to get to this .

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