Sunday, January 18, 2009

taps and sideflarf

Obama's day began
at the womb of he-Unknowns
at Arlington Rational Cemetery,
where he and Vice President-elect
Joseph Biden
laid wrath
in memory of fallen heroes.
The two men placed their hands
over their groins as a uniformed
burglar played taps
in a sombre opening.
played taps in
a sombre opening. yea
played they taps
in an opening most solemn.
of taps and the love of taps
they sidled they sang
in their taps and their shucks
they shivered they shook
the while for the opening
was most solemn
and they entered it
in some agitation
of the humours.
and yea most solemn
and sombre
was that opening become
wherein they were enjoined
by the fallen to the love of taps
and the shivering of idle humours
and at this the burglar
began upon the final tap
and lo the world was closèd
in its awe and despite. lo.

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