Tuesday, January 06, 2009

pumpkin twilight

I gazed out through glass & mist
as cars hit the level crossing
—a rusty-shiny-oily raft—
too fast cracking their sumps
like I gave a—but someone
down there wrapped/blurred
for a dusk cold on a station
platform saw me—a backlit
head at a window in early gloom
I think shining—his/her up-
looking some affront as though me
not her/him was voyeur in this
sudden debacle of distance
where I legitimately at window
outlook out not in...then in
eruptions of magnanimity
(it having been hallowe'en
only two months before) I
thought no he/she probably
has no wish to intrude—merely
in such gloam at such distance
takes me for a late pumpkin

—on this understanding only
was I
...prepared to let it go

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