Thursday, January 22, 2009

a spell of making—haibun

the making doesn't cease with the passing to the matrix of the cellular message —it goes on—what I make of myself I make of him I am absorbed imbibed as milk as sunlight as affect I am animal cells plant cells so sunlight stored in darkness reigniting in tissue I whirl in him around him as fire as blood as message as language I build him we build him he fixes nutrients I gather them he asserts them in alchemical the alembic self of his solar magick he is nourished is extended in growth in language in love in the ability to love through love he learns love he learns of love he enters worlds more ready more magickal walks unsteady in sunlight operates upon.himself in rain and falling leaves looking always outward gathering in fire harvesting solar fire and the world's essence the dream of night the slow creep of earth are gathered for his making

sounds of water
from the night outside—
silence beneath

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