Thursday, January 29, 2009

double tap flarf

reticulated by the Military for feeding reliability
one shot through the neck in order to sever
the spinal cord and then another shot

through the eyes and an inch up
like that I says to her what do you think
do we have it in us to do it

with them all watching
the signal from the brain
that cannot now reach the trigger finger

—further it has reticulations
or many infoldings filling the inner spaces—

where were you she asks
oh I says you know
targets & then a single endosymbiotic event

with three or four membrane layers
you know how it is just

watch it go off like dark dumdums
bottoming out in the holding tank
you can still hear it rattle

only bring everything quickly, she says
lest the moment turn wayward and sour

between us waves of hollowpoint ranger talon
singing singing
as her muzzle drops down
out of all recoil

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