Monday, November 24, 2014

what in animal sleep he sits next

when his girlfriend goes to sleep he sits
next to her seeing rainbows around her breath
with sparrows in the air everywhere like Edith

holding the gun to her head
wondering if it's worth it
for just that momentary sensation

where in one jerk all is lost forever
everyone must ask at this moment
whether Jackson is better than Rembrandt
but in the intervention

between the idea and the blooded-up wall
even in the moment of light
between the bullet penetrating and the spray

it is unanswerable
however far we double-tap dance
in the river's sweet waterwheel wreckage
sleep you stoned iron cage

.anyway, he does it
didn't you know
her brain drains through
the woodchip
but he is requited
silence at the very least
runs down like a vast beetle
lost in the mosaics of commitment


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