Monday, November 17, 2014

blood and hair everywhere who can explain? one's love poem already

so borne down in the scheme
as a rat that scurried or perhaps
even didn't
it was all inconsequential anyway
considering what came next

wow there was a bang
and then the door fell in
a ratman ran in with a gun and said yes
to everything yes I am saying yes

and even though I hold a gun

in a threatening manner I feel love
somewhere though at this time I care not
to display it

for I feel as though I am the very essence of Gertrude
and Damon, whose names anyway

mean evil and delight       listen

I am not serious

so broken are we that our hearts now
hang full of blood in our mouths
but what else what else are hearts for
if not for bloody hanging as we, cripes,

are lowered unto

the singing roses below

joker that you are, Pale Death-face

fear ain't here, only marbles
oh he/she meant marvels
like all disasters.sing.shrink.ring

bang for it is time already.strange deer of the outhouse
jokerfaced lover
careless of thy prints, imprinter, implant, embedder
cock-eye half out and in

so choose life when it is urgent
for this god got a deep running problem

oh but you know
these fear places of love/hate/love

enough now:let's go there

don't look back.i have to try to mean this


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