Wednesday, November 12, 2014

so sink the minutes to starry death

not in a million years/tears/fears with one so jellow-jaundiced would I travail
—Madeleine Shine

the wild packets that adorn
the futon of course photon heat of glossing rock and roll

stars these were, with which pulsing

her hands fairly exploded
as she /lifted them/ around her face
feeling-felt as press'd hair for presum'd tics
that/would/would/were not stop

(press hard unto thine eyes and then

with the stuff --@the stuff{
the hands that wriggle and straighten
oh that at least.think. if there were gerunds

here they are gone now yellow as dead
as ashtrays and cult films.dead they are or
may be.think.think how

withall without religion or sex-phosphenes so
anyway we s/leapt

one's eyes yellw and your heart-fear bellw for

in this of all this we find ' s/peace
no more or other
than that dinosaur what lookpt up
what didst marvel and momentarily
signify and complain
oh look, oh no no no
after all it was not he crieth
the great lizard god what done it but

fiery ctastrophs frm on high

)bearing oxies und gens they cometh(

such maravels and songs now hasten on white
wings behold


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