Saturday, January 01, 2011

Tarot electric disease

we are all in the gutter
but some of us are looking at two years
—Stephen Fry

oh my memory has changed around this
it comes back as electric shocks and psychism

I am no longer unkind and can now feel love

up and down the horses dance in starlight
& etc cliché

memory and change together say stuff of reflexive therapy
and disaster

all that night that stood between us

this myth of the stolid farmer who stands by a hedge

and then ashtrays overflowing
music that spills from the radio and crawls all over the floor
like a person whose madness suddenly encroached

uh uh

freak the night the night that keeps leaking
you and I eye to eye

oh I say oh

I can't help attacking you

like that we squirm together attacked and in love with weather

my hand on your breast casual as rabbits but with an edge

all dead now look through new telescopes

my voice has dropped an octave tonight
old man river river
into the flood I will fall

the killer at dawn shaking his shift
worries about crumbs and stains
the boy in the cloud writes of his father's huge shoes

begone stink of outer places


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