Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more and no more and more

reassembling those riverboats at the rapids
on the way to Omdurman
well it was time-consuming

and anyway just hard work
as of that thing again
so soft as I become a zephyr blows me

over the feathery hills
all around the lights the cries
the great long splash of a swan hitting water at night

if this same plastic melts
over and over
like a hat
if it forms a sort of heat-chemical future
one day
will it cease with the fumes?
they come on like paddle steamers
but it is not this downed freight swoon of a swan
that submerges and laughs beneath

for here at this the stringhead sits up and laughs

in the fiery place just across from which
the vang contours
the just-under wrecks for which no depth is listed
hey have you oh no of course no and one

would frail from calloway but ask ask ask
away a bridge a fuckoff black fingertip
bridge falls into the river of cows
all their big nostrils smoking out antimony

lead, barium again the wiping stench of the melt
maybe there in the lowercase baroque frenzy of them hitting
thrashing one bit says yes this comments settings design

upside down in your downy mud udders the music
every one a start of many trees
it works its way a summerset a way over

halfway flighting at its uplast the couplet of streak-basil


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