Sunday, January 02, 2011

sniper rifle

man on a cross
in the shimmer of distance
sniper rifle


Amanda said...

you have
a haiku cold--

Steve said...

I know. They keep sneezing out! Got a hankie I can borrow?

Amanda said...

Yep. It's fairly clean! :o)

Steve said...

Hmm this slightly unclean thing worries me a bit. What's on it? Or who?

Anonymous said...

Intense piece, Steve

man on a cross - this could be the sniper or the target

in the shimmer of distance – I immediately visualized the glint of the sun bouncing from the lens


the hint of a distant target, obscured by heat energy – so it’s just a shimmer

sniper rifle

I see the cross also as a crucifix, which I believe is pertinent to the scene, on many levels

Lots of ways to take this, pretty damn good for a few words.


Amanda said...

I tend not to know from whom the nose blows. (John Donne-Blowin)