Saturday, August 01, 2009

unedited tagflarf Jesus

I enjoy mind games.!. .wtf? Really seems .like half the have .head, n.ot me! I'm the pos.ter child for ze.nitude. I was a littl.e bored so I .went online to see .w.hat was g.oing .on. I c.ame. a.cross. your profile page a.n.d wanted to sen.d you .a little message. I you live nearby and that's .a .HUG.E plus. Not .sure .though because .I'm just vis.iting the area .and .sta.ying a frien.d. I'm into most types of ph.ysical, but NO.T into on.e night sta.nds. I like to find a .guy. to da.te. I l.ove listening to m.usic, s.inging ka.raoke and doing load.s o.f other. cool stuff.. I. also like hanging out at coffee shops and .pubs. I like d.rinking beer.. Ask .me abou.t my. wild .trip to .Mexico.! Oh, I men.ti.on I VERY cu.te? But .don'.t. take. my wo.rd. .for it, contact m.e a.nd .let's arra.nge a fact to face. meeting a.lready! Just don't reply .directly to my message..... I using my friend. seeing tha.t .I'.m not a on this site or whatever... ;-.) Tell me what you .think .at my email., chrissymawer at y a h See you soon!


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