Tuesday, August 11, 2009

leading lights down Lune Deep

father a convicted paedophile mother a drug addict
how the labels trip off into a general heading
a compass bearing into the ferns

see where a trail treads in
but nothing emerges

now follow this deep channel
look down look down says Bill

this is all make believe shapeshift

they killed your heart
killed your future
who did?

time did...

no wait it's a bricked-up cave full of bats
you can't see in
you'll have to imagine what they do in there
in the few days before they die

it doesn't just pass down it gets worse

people kill a child
they do worse things to themselves

suicide is murder
and self-abuse is abuse

it is impossible to speak from the trees outside

we won't fix this until we jerk that Hitler
died before he was a teenager

it all seems so big here
the trees the houses the people
all of them outlandish
sparkling like crows over carrion
have you seen this shine?

fighting so hard for the right
to be powerless
without lift
sucked down into it

ringing its own big bell on the causeway


every little person doing
the worst best they can


I almost believe in God


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