Monday, August 10, 2009

sea area Irish Sea never-drift-never wreck at low water

she leans close and asks
do I have a girlfriend
she reaches up my sleeve
feels my bicep like it is
a tulip swelling
a phallic cipher

I'm only here for the beer
says her grinning boyfriend

they want me to go home with them

the engine whines then breaks
we drift
it's sunny and the sea shines
I enter the sea
spin the propeller
both ways
it's not stuck
but something is wrong

we're just like that around here
she says
you can't buy a drink

outside in the broken glass and blood
little things crawling
not insects or mice
little things
looking up asking

the Fleetwood lifeboat tows us in
along the buoyed channel

all of this is lost in the static

we were somewhere North West of the perch
280 degrees off the West Cardinal drifting
in shallow water without personal power

when the Vampire struck

it took two of us off before we realised

you want to know truth
ask a traffic light


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