Tuesday, July 21, 2009

would you cut off all your limbs for love (a poem about politics) unconvinced jitter of the low canopy

I know we have done this in jigsaw glances but I wanted to ask formally
if you would mind
making this sacrifice
if I had become paraphiliac
and just required it

these are the tests of true love caller-wauler

please keep holding
as your answer is important

it knits together here it's a little precise
nice attack of the complex patterns uh of life
let us hold hands to celebrate that one

it's between us now
in the air the ether (hold hands)

I have committed myself
to a diet of cold hard unsoaked beans

I spit like a peashooter

I am a marine iguana

please keep holding
while we organise a response

now watch this seaflop dush

crushing wet cottages in the land of the giants
as he walks home dripping

seriously there's a crush I have
starting as influx entering froth
now the alchemical steel
the holding back of the rush
until the moment of caramelising
then the sink
the relief

this much chaos takes discipline

a two year old child
should be covered at all times in bright sunlight Diesel

like waves of goats they came running from the hillsides
shouting Owain Owain vast deltas await you O you

look go back through it with a spacesuit
it's the only way
no it's really not
yes it etc

screw it to the sticking station
and let's none of us exactly sleepover

(got wood, yeah, Tranquility Base, got wood)


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