Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mr Hargreaves the grocery necromancer with one thumb

the hit or miss governor etc I accept
these things as wonders

a burning pontoon floating out

while this continues you can detect the onset of rain
just from the feel and the look
we carry this detection

in our hemispheres like potatoes and tomatoes
they hit the ground and that's that
splat splat splat
the language has nothing
the language has nothing to do
the language has nothing to do with it
the language has nothing to do with it showing

glowing in the shape of a shop
hey Mr Hargreaves walk me to school in your cabbage white shoe polish light
mist across Liverpool huh

see here tablet eat
be well down there in chinatown
huge cattle crashing down the Mersey
rusting back into your dirty little throat

the pontoons (firing up)

the pontoons (Grandmother)

the pontoons (no one)

oh god our kites dropping


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