Tuesday, July 07, 2009

fell cow from plane

her moves in the sky etc
now listen

in the askance a story unclouds

a Japanese fisher
what could he fish upwards

gazing down there Take Kakuzo
it comes from above

envisioning cows of the deep
we are beset by the pressing sky

Brother Lustig at the lake laughing
the Devil in his knapsack

you are furled in your stockpot
little yellow-winged cowman
until the cows come home to roost

three elements you may count
these are future/present/past
as lantern as pond imps
gathered upon you
a slow dream of sinking
in a lake with a small island
reaching down the inking
into the highland

catch now these blue oranges
which here I toss
see uproaring they spark and shout
under your hide of sparks

dance aloft then oh good grief


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