Sunday, June 21, 2009

until again the wheel starts

it was a beat
that moved in and out
I could hear voices far off
in the night
dogs barked out there
it was all maddening
somehow sadly I walked to the window
there was a thing looking in the garden
a stunted thing that ran
as the light spilled from the curtains
I went out
I found it by its beat
there behind
some shrub
it lay still jerking
but now beyond all recovery
I carried it in
it was light as a cat
light as a cat
depicted do I have to spell
I laid it out on the table
started to read slowly
there with the candles like ghosts
you in your yawning the wait and the break
the flood stops here
this barrage
we read together until morning
when the men started singing
in the room by the river
and I had to swallow
such a thing such a thing
my ancestor of night


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