Tuesday, June 02, 2009

melas zomos episode 1 (to William Fairbrother)

there's no love out there in politics
this ashtray is a startling affair
the ash-rabbit who watches at dawn
is not the same rabbit who you once knew
my parents were old when they first ate beans

by firelight
Elvis and Bing both slid
we are all of us stuffed with the unrecognisable
events coming down from hills
unacceptable though it seems{Hue][Hue][reas][on]
unwields all
secondary sexual parts existing in part

because people like to look at them
the man is furniture and not furniture
he waits all day for a phone to alert him
to the basic event
of his own sad clothing

on fire
you would not run into that building
I might do it if someone loved me enough
I am a hero bringing out prostrate children-women

beaks full of writhing fry
O in my heart I wear such aurora
of the elliptic fuck that everyway
firepeople have entered myth eek sith what now what now?
they are now endowed with the power of flight is it flite

you have a metal detector
people say bad things about you for this reason
others jumped from the sky
rather than burn all day
none of us will guarantee everlasting love
that's just an intoxicated lie
none of us will hold the hands

of people with burning hands
all of us are hands
burning to be held
these trees were not here
before the burn
yesterday when you jumped
burning into words

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