Friday, June 19, 2009

clocks of daylight love (the cruellest month

of all this thing that overpowers
this feeling this allowing of a thing
to sit so shaped in the head and hands
all of its shimmer its slide its positioning
that follows with this ease and breath
easing itself out into the other thing

it is closed together closing opening

give give this itself is time and time's slow climate

and then only the next moment
but open all of your places
on/off press here this here these are things
that are fishes that dream through us here this

is a soft anvil upon which we loll and wind
here are cats and birds rolling out their things
to be known to be known to me
all of me your flickering back its reptile flick
of catenary sloughs off
[along which my earthing only]

that lift and heave and slump
its sudden shake of electric downs
our own sea creatures now stark

live in the arrival of summer frets
here on the spread of day spread
under arches of heather low
as breaking this is the sea's weave
it is the clam's clutch deep and high

and high and mid-high rearing purple
flowers up from the storm these lows
grasp fossil forces night forces up
.......up from the loam and intake

as kestrels in the moment break off
then see again and re-engage
.........................seeing harder
hissing and whirring no more stop stop

then only then only
................the stoop


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