Saturday, May 09, 2009

wielding wild weird words she unearths new lovers

scheduled outrage at 2am again
now I have to address the courage
the vitality the deviant tenacity
which enables the firing up
of those abilities whereby
when confronted with gags
allow still the overall reflex
this is no mean charade
it is in anyone's register a thing
to invite respect and awe
now let's see him do it again
under this waving tree
near dawn a motorcycle noise
of frogs mating in shrinking
tractor tracks flooded good god
they think these are little worlds
why am I here at the death
watching the last thrash
of this but just imagine imagine
if you were this and I were that
we'd both be wet with each other
crarking all night in a muddy rut
stuffed with amphibian hubris
O I'd touch you here like this
and you would creak right back
our love would die right there
with the Sun through its crack

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