Sunday, May 10, 2009

Moral animal husbandry and aesthetics in late sculpture

to every breath a little gag
you clown are not high on this cardboard
you eat so avidly your throat stuffed with bats
come on now come on settle down this woman

will tire of group sex with your parents soon enough
then she'll be yours again
wait by the river watch the moon
if times are lean you will learn to dive

for pike and spiny perch
these things will get you through
here is a book of poetry to incant
to the night river
fish will offer themselves to you
................refuse them all with disgust

they have scales and are unskilled the arts of love
if vengeance is in your heart
creep to the house and steal a young dog

bestow upon it a father's name
hurl it into the river as bait
then wait in righteousness
silent and alone in your power

not everyone can be the Buddha
still as moonlit river-hares
........................with a Glock aloft


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