Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hauser Windsock

no one was more doggedly aware than she that a revolution
of some quiet sort had occurred through not least
her own daughter in law which consciousness was written into
the expression upon her own currency from which
she regarded her people with the mild hatred of a mother
watching a dog drown in her toilet

her son himself of an unconvinced on all levels canine
species given to early baldness and similar acts
of emotional drowning unhappily divested of the power
to behead and rape at will to shore his genetically resentful
demeanour must content himself with peevish
assaults upon architecture and farming both

lands which he has colonised and now squats upon
straining ruddily to purge himself of the bloody
she-god in whose shade he still flounders his silly grin
attempts at gravitas and exaggerated sensory apparatus
as recognisable testament to his Hanoverian lineage
as his enthusiasm for a good sausage and a flat joke still

they hunt foxes as though it were a duty to be seen
to be pursuing at least some of the subjects
after which the rubbing on of blood and the taking
of a nip or two in these rites are they allowed
to look at themselves with pleasure and pride
steaming there a little flushed and lordly astride
some large animals of roughly similar intellect
and political persuasion O to be allowed the levity

to be monarchical again to talk indignantly to trees
to piss purple piss to scheme and connive and talk
of Spain but the first war stopped all that that family
feud that killed off the Wettins and Goths
the Saxe-Cobourg Gothas these halos were shed in shame
Philip Battenberg came running still Greek back then

to embrace the Elizabethan proboscis he's so English now he
would insult himself if he could just remember who he was
amidst all the tampons and slitty-eyed squidgy sense of occasion
it's all so arch isn't it all just so arch so they creak and crark
they mutter they roil in their hobwebs driving slow the last
crested landrover into some lingering comic seizure

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