Monday, December 15, 2008

all your openings

opening now to you
your new life your old

old life resprung
of waves and pulses

across warm wet
fields at night

of this of this
hurt of opening

we sing up disaster
opening still

eyes and pores
backlit with perception

of death the peeling back
of warm wet paper

from old walls
singing disaster

opening waveforms
into a woods

where you are open
peeling back as death

open as warm wet paper
lighted with perception

from old walls
waving with disaster

hurt of old wet walls
a lighted waveform

opening the waves
the pulses of fields

at night this open paper
pulling shapes of eyes

and pores new life in pulses
of waved walls collapsing lighted

as that kiss in waves and pulses
that tells all of collapses

of fields of waves
only this truth waving

of you wanting
what I want, like paper

to be here
in the same fields wanting

collapsing now
in light



Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read - sincerely.

I love it


Steve said...

Thank you. I have to do this stuff sometimes. The formulaics will get addressed in a while.

Steve said...

Middle needs chopping out. Was only one of those two minute things. It will improve.

Anonymous said...

no no no, don't chop!


Anonymous said...

Still reading, still the same.


Anonymous said...

warm wet paper from old walls - god that line!

still waiting to see the poem with 'that' other favourite line of mine!


Anonymous said...

I am so so so happy you didn't get the scissors out to this!

It is just 'too delicous'.


Anonymous said...

too delicious!! I can type - really I can lol

Anonymous said...

I prefer it without the spacing, but hey what do I know!

Still have loadsa love for it.