Monday, December 15, 2008

this winterval upscorch

Oh that is great I feel like a student writer sometimes—The Weaver

O that is now great i feel like
a student writer sometimes who
took hisself to the well the well and became
all of elephants so right so there
in such the updraught
that shook with stars
that wailed and shone
heaved hisself up and jumped
all for the searching the quest O
for that and for the wishful shuck of it
so he jumped and the jumping
was found to be good
and the falling was itself
a thing to be discerned and disregarded
the falling O the falling
abandoned of fetish and frailty
through moss and masonry
years had grown there
in the s[plashing]
the shadow
had grown
it reached it reaches it reacheth
out upon him over him at him grasping
though he unfolds like thighs like wings
burnished as all bewilder
he wrests again from it
these secrets of light
he thrusts he thrusts
down upon him rain stars
as into other worlds he flies
Sindbad and Husheng and Ahriman
Ahura Mazda god of lightbulbs
eat up with alacrity the bean soup
the fields of gold
spread before them
but his name is not that not that
only in his wanting
he flies now over waving emmer fields
over fertility and mooning fastnesses
marvels swirling at his tail
look only this he says coming
in the dust at her feet so laced so henna
I have seen all I will not tell of it
but will now breed sleek horses
for a career that I happen
and you will shine with me
O woman of shaking forest mist
I will clutch at you with my shine
my shake my shazam
like unto into we will shimmer loud ahence
for my name of names
forever now of wells and falling
so ended the period of his first great wanting
and lo a child was reared of the well
and its secrets were unguarded
and upon the land the curse
and the shining
and often she danced as a wild dog
and through the fogs and veils
and upon him
she laid herself to sleep
as a blue feather


Anonymous said...


That gave me quite the guffaw this morning. I shouldn't guffaw before 9 am really.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I didn't mean to guffaw at the poem, it's the bit at the top that made me laugh. You always see famous people being quoted at the beginning of poems, so that means I am now famous.

The poem is intriguing.

Steve said...

Well you're famous on this little blog anyway...

Anonymous said...

well thank you. You're pretty famous on mine too.