Saturday, April 04, 2009

phosphorus face

already I am stork elmo hoar-hung all over your shrouds your sheets
tangled rolling hitch drunken shipdog grogged to the nines
your kicking strap your lowing ineffing baleen your gaff-rigged
stowage above & below a violet luffing forepeak planking
your thwarts your preventers midshipped I am gibed
& broached I will call the askance of your wet dock
graving limpet troughs blow & blast the man down haul in
my spinnaker shudder bellied out to the wind's kick lonely as
sky home of overfalls to the keelson leaden lightship moaning
moonlight swirls
the soft channels neaping low the red light datum
on the chart of your atlantic swell yawling schooner
moored to lobsters there by the headland at the wind's point
warping my hulk to its wreckage in drowned kingdoms
of the sea clung all about with weed and wrack soft
as the sea-frass offshore wails all across with ghostlight

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Anonymous said...

I could fall in love with this - no problem!