Monday, April 06, 2009

Jeremy Prynne Zahawiri bin Laden Gianna Michaels gulfed up nohow

who can truly say what it is with Gianna Michaels
the way these days that resentment grows first from
a reasonable disquiet at such perceived injustice
as was evident in Egypt when Quttb made his
comparisons she sprawls like that large-breasted
& they pull it off anyway Zawihiri and his boys
do death to Pharaoh two minutes of the last smile
on the hotel rooftop frolicking she's a whore
he says this to me wow have you seen that he says
urgent all over about her bikini his doublethink
turning into monsters before me in room 303
do you know that Quttb had a heart attack when
they set the dogs on him it's like that Nazi game
called Achtung where a naked Jew kneels between
two barking attack dogs and shouts out Achtung
till he can no longer shout then they let the dogs
at him this apparently a game she shouts she shouts
she goes down on him routinely almost violently
outside Osama wells up petroleum he is just so
affronted now at her frivolity he wants more
than anything to kill her but she is unkillable
mouth full laughing insurgent cock eschewing
laughter for a greater delight of the kill the certainty
the knowing erection of jellies and sublime milk
treats is there ever oh anything better
than such certain killing even Gianna with a MP45
dutch schultzing the room naked DP gasping
professionally in her caves we are come from
Saudi they say we are rich we will buy weapons
we are a sperm trail hanging in space if that is
all we are then we are cosmic & certain
filled with the assassin faith stumbling down
out of Alamout double-penetrated by opposing
gods Heckler & Koch La Al the sufis all next week
Al Cohol god of the white people Gysin upstarts
no it's not over yet she has things to achieve
before she settles you are only the next in line
they made porn movies up there you know
in room 303 sometimes they let me watch
this now a fermenting hallelujah coming
of this basic certainty that there is no longer
any god but this god who has denied all opposition
speaking as he does from Gianna's severed
clitoral ream with hate foremost as laughter

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