Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no greater love

the Churchill-Darwin robot ancient of organs
mulls all of worms along the sandwalk kicking aside
barnacles there strewn each named god he kicks

them into the grass plying in his siren suit that so long
are their urgent marine phalluses their feather clutches
the sway in which Sedgwicks on the horizon

gather in their storms as ardent lieutenants wary

//a hideous
abortion whose head should be crushed he says
he who refuses the leopardskin pillbox though

even his fiercest allies would have him eat from it
his flatulence almost a climatic phenomenon
his vomiting a yahweh itself that careens him and his

landing grounds his Huxleys his bubblemines
only a woman could have written this he whispers
strip her of her bright vestments that the lies beneath

will be revealed and always there the possible truth
of no eternity together no delighted culmination
only the dark brother of the confession of a murder

whose shadow they will gather in Nuremberg
to look again at its cyanous thought-acts committed
down that same sandpath where Malthus slipped

a note at the back of the class to the mouth of this
the monster come forth so modestly to eat the known world
such love such gratitude such wanting such trepidation

in a sudden certainty of nightmare his daughter's face
this full now of the hammered-in wedges dead smoking
mushing together sardines and cognac so intoxicated

[big-bearded fatfaced over-sensitive loving loving
breeding up a thousand watercolour offspring]

is he with a warfare that grows all over his breakfast
that shines its radar purpose under the sirens

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