Tuesday, March 03, 2009

dreambody -- draft

there is no possibility of asking
but smoking cigarettes
is itself a way of knowing

that now the sex between them
reminds him of searching mutedly
through a card cataloguing system

in a quiet earnest library
he hasn't thought so much
about the informative effects of nickel/cadmium/
hydrogen cyanide but these too have their place
in the Dewey System of the body

which must rely for divination on the creaking
the rasping the subluminal architecture
of weather even the exhalations
of those with whom you lie

at night she cries aloud O see what
fools we are so estranged what nightmares
to each other
then she casually kicks him
in her sleep

later he appeals to her
dreambody with gestures and dance
but she just looks and asks if he is
hungry or perhaps unwell

at this point he quickly smokes
in an attempt to draw in all that has
just happened

it seems that happiness
is usually the consequence
of believing wholeheartedly in nonsense

he smokes more avidly now
certain that this programme
of experiments will soon lead
to a breakthrough

another nail in your coffin she says
yes he replies I am journeying
to the land of the dead I will return
with secrets

well don't tell me about them she gives him
that look

tonight he knows
she will kick him again
as if nothing had happened

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