Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Some Fairies in Blue Scoots

ONE DAY some Fairies from outside became

in Blue Scoots to peel off the Wallpaper tear down

the Lights unwire everything even everyone's Hearts

in clouds of hacking plaster dust and the Fay Fury of our

Organs of lead

unplugged on the wet Pavements outside

shivered the Rain began to rise-oh

what have we done but then the Windows and O 

the Bells began the Bats and Rats

have you ever seen this?

in Startles of scooting blue Arrivals began 

in such strange Gaits we parted from the Scene

again in the Flurries 

(think again of love and what)

our little scaredy Hearts 

might beg for unfairying so they might and what

of it now for surely?


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