Saturday, October 08, 2016

DELPHINE by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated in 'askance' by Steve Parker.

Those reality that their peers 
to grow everywhere and to live 
gave, felt on related characters 
Same in the resolved rich, 
the god, with dripping Tritons, 
overflowed at times exceeds, 
for since the animal had shown: 
unlike the mute, stumpfgemute 
breeding of fish, blood of their blood 
the human inclined and from afar. 

A crowd came, the cracked, 
glad when she felt the tides shiny: 
Warm, Zugetane whose train 
as confidently ride crowning, 
easily attached to the round bow 
as to a vase hull and rounding, 
happy, carefree, safe from injury, 
erect, entranced, purling 
trucking and diving with the waves 
, the trireme further contributed cheerful. 

and the skipper took the newly agreed 
friend in his solitary threat 
and devised for him, for the companion, 
grateful one world and believed to be true, 
that he loved tones, gods, gardens 
and the deep, silent star year.


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