Monday, March 21, 2016

battue at easter riff

On this matter, the oracle of which your contributor
is the prophet has never yet been prevailed on to declare itself
JS Mill

Also, ð and Ð (eth)

[can a plane on a conveyor belt take off?]


   _/::o・ァ   .....................   _,,,


the ochre mask of the heath fire a colonial subtext
shamanism in the word deceit a managed landscape
enough in this to occupy
(can a plane on the ground
lower its landing gear?)

(Left: House Sparrow hatchling (altricial-naked, blind and helpless on hatching).
Right: Ruffed Grouse hatchling (precocial 3-downy, open-eyed, mobile on hatching, 
follows parents and is shown food)).

each thing in its place presenting/obscuring the other thing
we are walking/passing along a corridor
leading to everywhere stop anywhere
"alight here for the rest of the world"—KWVR
the old man in the palace trying to find
the old man in the palace trying
each door in turn

this could take
and like birds in the battue
you come sweeping low
across the moor

(him there astonished six years-old
with his feet in the mud. .all around him are
red grouse erupting like springs)

poisoned vultures rising in gyres until falling back

into the story running towards you the funicular
rail of it stop look the funicular door of the running
in the mud the broken

spring whirring silent as disturbed birds

((falling lead))


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