Wednesday, July 29, 2015

our savage gentle forthright astronomy (work in regress)

and the item is life whirling
and the auctioneer leans back
says this says this

will not be our future
no this will
expresses most clearly
as extended
that such a thing

pataphor in unfact-

o look

an eye-blue tarquin takes off
all its sails set

still set upon this I cannot

[whats, though, whats?]

destination Mars,
a whole genre novel
with alacrity to be hedgehogged
of all its drear love

what he said
what the thunder said
the dunder [the caboche?]

don't play retroracist games for now
is the winter
rip't from the belly of christ's American
hegeMony Mony here she comes

then suddenly she doesn't come
at all
—and without a gasp

oh phrike and great snakes
the way and long


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