Thursday, June 18, 2015

(a hypnagogue for JM)

... that slepen al the nighte with open ye—Chaucer
... delight ain't just the giver of sight—Madeleine Shine
... because he is absolutely evil amounts—Camus
... the best method of accomplishing 
an accidental result—Ambrose Bierce
... whose evil consequences will extend—
Currer Bell

(it is a dawn it is a purple drift and yaw
in which the like and light and fore)

it is water underground
it is dapple on the dead
it is sunlight bent around
beneath the bed

The Deer

—it went by in a clatter, panic
you didn't see or hear
yet both of us gets franic 
abouts the outcomes here—

waking to all of the other: so far
(there to spread) the waning paling night

dawning-disaster, and delight

what asters, dear
what fright


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