Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Jah ajar (almost [all most])

They will stay there
to and fro they will
a cut lip—JH Prynne

Prynne is Romantic
almost antic with Romantic

i get cardiac shadow

think of easy in the garden
it is sure Eliot and Wordsworth
just in that. it enough iterate

then look at that par a thigh
almost a condition spread
for someone i knew or know

had such a spread had to had
its parathyroid took in a hospit
shoulda see the scar but then see

he breaks up breaketh his

signal absolve inner static
or cardiac listen and glisten
he never or maybe got
the hit or miss governor
anyway I think he would
like that naked as he shines
in that abandon of the sheer

frantic love of these black
confusing machine-drops-through
the page listen now
the sun is big shafts almost
pyramids burnt into
the very the fabric of trees
striding home somehow
and every last treehoisted lofting a way
to the Wordsworth Grimms
for they are barely different
3000 or more years old app

not now that we know

& hear his to and fro
for he has too much of pride
ever to use the word 'parse'
and hail cannot happen in Winter
oh look if you don't believe
it's almost true

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