Monday, February 02, 2015

singing in the well

even if anyway
and how they must have laughed
in their souls or reasons or cans otherwise
think of them there
challenging und awkward yes
lefthanded and frisky as awks
in the drowned kingdoms of the Sea
shoving yes shoving the shale
white and black

with a frequency as voice
that hollers yes hollers up
of the hollers

say that differently
flash, creep, stark at night
resound etc
but this is not night

and huge now the plash
and all of time the difference
look at this, though,
the differential in the coo the evil coo
on the rooftop
and why there is no space
Freude freude

[full stop/Falstaff]

Faust be thy name
I intend and do not intend
any ode to joy
only sheer unutterable starkness

naked as wailing
die now, just die

(for all Time has come

dead wells in the gourd
and laughs lifted bumpy as
outer swell — clocks adrift
everywhere we look & do not



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