Wednesday, May 08, 2013

not even one swallow makes a summer (a much-reducible complexity)

truly for you nothing is written, Lawrence, blah blah—can't remember who Omar Sharif

I will revive etc as though revivification was a wheeled animal
suited to presentation in a Dover Area School hearing of the flagellars

nothing left of her but hairclips
perhaps some DNA
which even post-apocalypse
takes time to wash away

all this people informed
all this telling
all this offering
you've got to stop
all this wanking
why, will it make me go blind etc

no but it means you are ...

all the effort and sharing and volunteering and introduction
all dedicated ex post facto to the urgent proof, the question
the trial and strappado and squassation of the proof
of the old untruth that not even one swallow does not indeed
make anything


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