Tuesday, March 12, 2013

hands like giant falling sheep

[the conditions it fakes/faces
I am your mother
we share the uh mouthhgun the mouthgerm
we/my/I are a chronic anaesthetist
such ungodly aesthete

we may say
we were brought up that
they/we had no end of rats' asses
to choose from

where did you get love from_
it's all very difficult to recall=from (tail.snout)

¿have.you.seen these hands and lands¿
now watch this

over here like a rat
on the head of a captain///capped Anne

sluck sluck sss
evil eye evol
wah and
the brat-floating

off course 2X3 inchmetres

the strange sad thumb trick at the
how it was

[cockled) one is to learn to bagtype to touchdance ¿
on all such keys-oh
when all this outbelled, combing with many incomes of the many marcels and millimarcels

hectopascals of the mouthwater

risebird, uh rise¿¿¿

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