Tuesday, August 02, 2011

sex with your mother

the Prime Minister is an alien
he licks his tail in the bathroom
says yeah

we are at war with everyone
I love it

what on earth is goin on?

the cool cat in the fair keeps throwing
down cards look he says look
a high explosive a hanged cat a dead animal
sharing your pillow

world is this we livin in
love takes your heart
like a swallow burning down
on a fly

that thought different
the waves the radio cracks

it's not enough,

all those people drinking in the grass
shouting over the sea
refusing the language
what are they?
i don't know how to figure their presence
the strength gone from my arms
all of it gived up
all of it drinking in the grass
refusing my arms
are they what?
i don't figure

the waves electric as all fuck
dead on the beach


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