Wednesday, June 01, 2011

special forces

all of the subluxation that hits slow
with the elbow even more or less
in your mouth his mouth our mouths
breaking the ligaments that connect you/us
to the outside someone has got you
the little things that come creep at night
under the skin
the electric
it takes heat and transformation
to break these stiff ties to snap them
all of you hangs like Injun cloud
over the reservoirs tonight late
as dead rainbows sinking
ferns I tell him are ancient beyond dinosaurs
they are complex and rational
they have ratio
he is excited but wants to climb a tree
this achieved he wants to flood
our membranes knit
it is possible to hear our mother
our grandmother our cascade
when the wind whips waves
over the barrage
running white down the wall
the sun bounces off everything
a dead tree there in the lake
things crawl upon it low angle sun crawls
the leaves shake down the banks
the sluices dry out slowly
by nightfall we are confident
we can ascend either side without attention
we paint our faces red and black
start to approach in grassy creeps
our way home

now again I have little brothers


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