Friday, October 15, 2010

lyric blowouts

it's late and the trees

it's late and the trees are in hoot

it's late and the trees hot gather

sole cahoot

it's late

the man with the frog in his mouth halfway up the stair
the man the frog stairs something in the cloud frogged me out
the keyboard is a slow politics what tyranny
I am in awe of you your codes that fire up slow
as heath burns hot and wet for weeks after

like weasels something in my mouth I can't
speak it is late and the trees at the window what

was that you where is my mind one pixie more or less
you do this or you die

oomph it comes in
circle of waiting this is not a communicative grammar
that must be left for the catch no one will now
(they might have done then)

it's late and the trees are boiling
I can't keep my head on

have none of it
all of us aslice
flaming slowly this blowing out
(yeah night imagine)
our own black and horrible birthdays

all of you are dead
whipping like kites




Amanda said...

Can I offer you an apostrophe for your Its not sudoku line?

Apologies for the smartarsery

Steve said...

Hmm, yes please. Where is it? Have you got it there? Oh shit I dropped it... damn it its around here somewhere its just got lost amidst the clutter oh I guess its gone forever dammit... its pretty much a tragedy really!


Amanda said...

Looks like its all gone tit's up then. Now I'm worrying how that poor little apostrophe is going to manage all on it's own. And if you find it, how will you know that its not a comma? Or half a semi-colon? Drop punctuation at your peril, young man!

Steve said...

I will recognise it because it will be aloft and aloof and at an elevation of which the lowly comma can only dream. Plus it will have a certain attitude of motion and flow and facility, as opposed to that security guard carpark attendant mindset of Monsieur le Comma who always wants to stop you for a moment and check your damn papers before showing you to your place. There's a good reason why apostrophes get a better salary!