Tuesday, June 01, 2010

maybe Iran 1940 everything starting to die

dead und dgrdtion//i hf nu avid avid what do you look like
you fool
you ful some yu fool the collision was awready happen
over and above the consequences there were
to be considered the humans
my parrot what this parrot here?
I will kill it now with a stick by God I will
if you want to be friends then stroke better
and carefuller like look
a picture has now emerged from the oil shapes-----
this company is not fucked though buy shares now quick
divers divers down davit down
there remotely people how lonely
their legs caUght in clam clutches how they saw/away/ey
their limbs and everyone such a limb/mb
such moments as these
not ever in one's lifetime not ever
robots not relied on
I never expected that it wouldn't get erect
I mean it's never happened before
I can't imagine what she thinks of me now
all that big-titted oil and everything
It's out there like a reputation
everyone sitting round

everyone sitting round like it is an orgy
she even using her teeth and none of us sure
alla them are like fish with the mouth full up
with shit not one a them a good thing to say
here I am face down agasp why do you not

come back to bed honey
it's not our business


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