Friday, February 26, 2010

diary entry under wet

it is now and the wave is coming through
from the back of the head it enters the orbifrontal cortex
the outcome is inevitable and I refuse to express it

the flowers are not dead but neither are they enthusiastic
it is the future and Carry On films are now the basis
of the Global political system the voice of Kenneth Williams
issues from black and white TV screens throughout the precinct if you want
a vision
imagine a nasal bray camping
on a human face forever

it is no future and my position is that everyone knows everything
until it is taken from them by science

it future despite my anger my children
can unlock me like a big wet cake

who will you be when you die further?

in such waves we alert the future

a plumber has reduced the size of my bathroom
by boarding one wall
he tells me my new bath is the wrong size it won't fit
but it was fine it was the right size before I say no no
it won't fit you got the wrong size bath

why am i saying this. no reason. gaze how small the even epic.

at 11pm my boy wakes and gets out of his little bed
he calls me and tells me he is a little tired
I put him back to bed. he sleeps. he is a little tired.

I am a little tired.

you can't keep calling something a crisis
when it is twenty thirty years later. the opportunities
are all sucked out they are crowded with fossils.

look I say to him in his [radio] sleep. father this is now
what the world is. bone. dance. don't think you will wake somewhere else.

he doesn't understand his options yet. he is not going to wake
not even to tell me stood there in his pyjamas filled
with the world-concern of little boys lost at night
that he has woken to tell me as late as it is risen
from his bed his little bed that he has woken to tell me
that he my son my father I am a little tired

[rafted mad rafted like licks at tombs
(trumpet intro: if today was all we believed
we would not go looking on the moors
at night for ourselves
would not go barking outside
would not find emptiness
crawling on our skin
we would listen close by the old wireless
we would curl up
we would go to sleep)

I don't understand my options
I am a little tired
I can't go home]

sad as rafters in the circus haunt several
dark upon the chance happening late one above all
who feared most


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