Sunday, October 04, 2009

have you even any idea?

and what if a young boy just had enough
6 years old he saw a TV thing
that said this is the age of the self
your parents no longer feel a sense of duty
he quite reasonably buys the hour
of the hoot as the dawnwash
elevated he flows let me O god let me
garrotte this hollow
that in his hollow he dives
straight through into the schwa between
where the rats
such a thing such a thing
such a thin and awful thing

hi he says I'm new here
to a piratical fetch on a drippage
both of them squat where
watches below the slow

point he gets that he is the Buddha
he sees that work below him
flowers and new bread emanate
he p[onders] becomes intoxicated
he jumps
he enters the swim
years later
he wakes still there poised

what then he asks
what now

he curls back in
understanding the impossibility of everything
I will eat bananas then he says
I will eat biscuits
and gaze from on high
waving my uncut wand
playing with it gently
waxing it up

or I will slough gently into it all
either way
I think my cock just dropped off
maybe it's time to start
a riotous religion of reeling rats
all of whom now fall to their feet

Christ only knows
where they were before

this acrobatic stuff

aeroscape nude encounter
now you endless (I don't mean
just don't even bask
for again I'm fucked out with the full flood
squawks of
little miss skygod
hacking (to be honeytoed) all night
christ no

moresongs of love i hate love now just like you

me washing in on
the stupid blue beach
a big bird eye watching

repeat after me
such anthems of
stark /sorrow/ treelines
snow has gone bad

he wakes again with his gun
to the Buddha's head
everone in the building has a hardon
to see what come next

things slide now
into the cage

the Terror and not the Terror

"offer yourself to him" -- Withnail and I


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