Thursday, February 26, 2009

quiet surge (based on statements made by the Taliban and Al Qaeda)

This is surge lite—Maj. Gen. Ret. Bob Scales (2009)

Don't give me another Vietnam—George.H.W. Bush (1990)

Chinese HN-5 anti-aircraft missiles are with the Taliban, we know this... and we are worried where do the Taliban get them, some of these weapons have been made recently in Chinese factories—Unidentified senior Afghan government official reported by the BBC (2009)

the new president
the apostate president
whose grandfather's soul
cries from his grave
for the blood of the unbeliever
who brings shame upon his house
this new president
says he will surge quietly
in Logar, in Wardak and Helmand
in the holy provinces
where the Russians sent their sons
to die miserably fighting our fathers
where the British
sent their sons to die miserably
fighting our great grandfathers

our weapons are from China
the old USSR the US the UK
(we like the weapons of our enemies)
from our brothers in Syria
in Saudi Arabia and Iran

surge quietly Hussein Obama
this land will eat you quietly
we will be here when you have gone
when you have taken the flag-wrapped
bodies of your sons
home in shame and defeat

you will never be enough
you will never have long enough
before your nation weakens
grows weary again

send us your unwanted sons
Hussein Obama
this dry earth needs their blood
surge lite surge quiet
we will devour all of you
lite and quiet and slow

insha' Allah

(Publication forthcoming in the next issue of New Verse News)

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